Ayers House: Adelaide’s finest Victorian-era home

Visiting Ayers House museum gives people the opportunity to feel as though they have stepped back in time. Educators and children love seeing and touching things from the past.

Being in a stately home doing activities that connect to the past gives them a taste of what life was like for those upstairs and downstairs. When students return to school their imaginations are fired up and they want to learn more.

Please note: For the duration of the Age of Elegance Exhibition we are not running our regular school programs.

Fun and Games, Spit and Polish and Dancing and Deportment will resume from the 7th of August. Until then schools are invited to visit us for the following program.

Bad Breath and Frizz Control.
Ball gowns are all very well, but how do you put them on, and how do you keep smelling nice in an age of limited plumbing
and basic dentistry?

Students will see original 19th century and early 20th century clothing up close and learn about Victorian era
personal hygiene and grooming.

They can handle items such as glove stretchers, boot pulls and brushes and will have the opportunity
to make and draw in response to the exhibition.

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: $8 per student, accompanying adults free
Year Levels: 2-7
Available:  Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday Session Times: 10 – 11:30am and 12:30 – 2pm
Maximum group size: 30.

These are the programs we have on offer in 2018.

The Dancing and Deportment program caters for Year Five  – Seven students. The children learn about the workings of a Victorian household, 19th   century attitudes to gender, class and social conventions and something of the skills needed to progress in the colony of South Australia.

The Spit and Polish program caters for Year Two – Four students .The children learn about the workings of a Victorian household, the role of class and something of the skills needed to progress in the colony of South Australia.

The Fun and Games program caters for Grades One – Two students. The session balances instructed activities with self-directed exploration. It includes games such as Oranges and Lemons, Memory-tray and a visit to the nursery and lots more.

Songs Under the Ceiling. A special program developed in response to Mark Fergusen’s Next Stop –North Terrace. Bring your Festival of Music choir in to sing Victorian era songs in North Terrace’s very own Victorian Mansion. Your host will be the experienced singing teacher ‘Mrs. Peters’ who will take the children under her wing, show them around the house and teach them songs that relate to the history of the house and the people who lived and worked there.

Ayers House Tour (+ optional activity). Grades Four to Twelve.The tour can be tailored to suit both secondary and primary students.Give your students the chance to be immersed in a grand Victorian Home. A tour will help them understand some of the history of the house and the family who lived here.

Collaboration: Choose your Own Adventure. Ayers House museum welcomes collaboration with primary and secondary educators. It would be a wonderful venue to teach photography, visual art, literature and creative writing.

For more information about our *holiday schools programs please click here.


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