Aboriginal Heritage Consultant Services

Tender for consultant services to engage with Aboriginal people associated with National Trust places in Noongar boodja, Western Australia

The National Trust of Western Australia (the Trust) aspires to awaken the community to the value of heritage. The National Trust is a statutory authority that works under an Act of Parliament, but at the same time, it is also recognised as a not for profit, community based organisation and a registered charity. The National Trust works both for Government and for the community.

The Trust acknowledges its properties are situated on Aboriginal land across the state and recognises Aboriginal people remain the cultural and spiritual custodians of their land and continue to practise their values, languages, beliefs and knowledge. The Trust is committed to working with Aboriginal people to ensure these practices are recognised and included in the conservation and interpretation of its properties and Aboriginal people are consulted and involved in the development of Trust projects and programs.

All submissions should be clearly marked, “National Trust South West Aboriginal Engagement Strategy” and submitted no later than 3pm WST on Friday, 12 July 2019. 

Project scope

The project aims to engage a suitable consultant to undertake and contribute to the following:

  • desktop review of existing studies of relevant National Trust assets, Aboriginal heritage assessments and regulatory requirements
  • early engagement with the National Trust’s Aboriginal Advisory Committee
  • early engagement with the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council (SWALSC) to identify representative groups for consultation at identified National Trust places
  • identification of and engagement with existing Aboriginal reference committees, and other Aboriginal stakeholders in localities associated with identified National Trust places
  • development of protocols to build and maintain relationships to facilitate ongoing consultation and engagement with Aboriginal communities in localities associated with identified National Trust places
  • undertake consultation to identify Aboriginal place names and determination of an appropriate welcome message and other wording and stories for use on signage at identified National Trust places
  • preparation of a framework document to assist with ongoing engagement at National Trust places
  • identification of additional training and development opportunities, including internal staff training
  • identification of opportunities to leverage this grant through additional funding for Aboriginal employment and/ or ongoing economic partnerships.

Consultant Capability

The consultant should demonstrate expertise and experience in working with Aboriginal people, particularly in Noongar Boodja. Experience working in cultural heritage management is desirable but not essential. The National Trust has a strong preference for employment of an Aboriginal person in this role.

Project funding and proposed work arrangements

A lump sum fee of $60, 000 per annum is offered for this consultancy. It is anticipated a commitment of around 22.5 hours per week will be required. The consultant will need to be flexible regarding time commitment to respond to program requirements.

The consultant will ideally be based at the National Trust’s West Perth Offices. There may be some travel and after hours and weekend work. Costs associated with travel will be provided by the National Trust.

The National Trust is offering:

  • Consultant fees to cover an average of 3 days per week for 48 weeks with a review and potential for extension for a further 48 weeks
  • a consultancy fee of $60, 000/ annum inclusive of overheads (superannuation, insurances), exclusive of travel, accommodation or Traditional Owner consultation costs
  • work space at central office in West Perth including access to office related systems, equipment, email and internet access etc.
  • National Trust staff to assist with management of the project and to seek additional funding for identified priority projects or programs
  • National Trust assistance with administrative requirements of the project
  • travel and disbursement costs paid on invoice

The consultant should:

  • be flexible in relation to work and travel requirements for consultation as necessary
  • meet regularly with NT staff to give project updates, and discuss issues or concerns
  • manage time and budget requirements of the project
  • hold an ABN

Submission information

Assessment and Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used to assess the submitted tenders:

  1. Knowledge and experience including:
    • demonstrated experience in consultation and liaison with Aboriginal people and groups
    • substantial knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal heritage and culture; and
    • understanding relevant Commonwealth and State heritage legislation
  2. Depth of insight into project requirements including:
    • an understanding of the National Trust of Western Australia and its aims for the project
    • the importance of Aboriginal heritage associated with National Trust places
  3. Skills and abilities including:
    • relevant qualifications
    • oral and written communications skills
  4. Availability to undertake the work
  5. Value for money
    • provision of hourly rates, and
    • ability to work independently within time and budget constraints

Disclaimer: The National Trust notes that the successful tender may not always be the lowest price offered as others may not meet standards or timing requirements.

Tender Inclusions

The tender should be no more than 10 pages including:

  • Address the selection criteria
  • Name of the contractor, business address and relevant contact details
  • Details of services offered, background and financial standing
  • Hourly rates excluding travel and other disbursements
  • Names and contact details of three referees
  • Level of public liability and professional indemnity insurance and name of insurer

Tender submission

All submissions should be clearly marked, “National Trust South West Aboriginal Engagement Strategy” and submitted no later than 3pm WST on Friday, 12 July 2019 at: 

The Old Observatory
4 Havelock Street

PO Box 1162

Email: trust@ntwa.com.au

Email proposals received by the nominated closing date and time will be accepted provided that they are completed, signed, legible and include all necessary information required to be submitted as part of the proposal, and a hard copy of the proposal is forwarded to the National Trust of Western Australia on the same day.

Important Information

Client liaison

The primary contact for this project is Kelly Rippingale, Senior Manager, Asset Management, National Trust of Western Australia. A briefing meeting can be held at the National Trust by appointment. Phone: (08) 9321 6088 email: kelly.rippingale@ntwa.com.au

Copyright and confidentiality

Copyright of all original material during the consultancy will remain with the National Trust of Australia (WA). Use of already copyrighted material must be appropriately obtained and acknowledged. Further publication or distribution of all or part of the document must receive prior permission from the National Trust.

Commercial-in-confidence requirements will be respected at all times.

Insurance requirements

Consultants are expected to hold the following insurances:

  • Professional Indemnity – value $5, 000, 000
  • Public Liability – value $20, 000, 000


The Trust has been successful in an application to Lotterywest for funding that will enable improved engagement with Aboriginal people across its portfolio of heritage places in the south west of Western Australia.

This project aims to utilise the funding to ensure the National Trust appropriately and effectively engages with Aboriginal communities that have a connection to the locality and/or particular Trust place and that its projects and programs are enhanced by the recognition and inclusion of Aboriginal cultural heritage values.

Through this consultancy the Trust aims to establish an ongoing framework and strategy to ensure meaningful engagement of south west Aboriginal communities. The framework will guide future projects and programs. In addition, focus will be placed on two priority projects: Woodbridge on the Swan River in Guildford, and Strawberry Hill in Albany.

The project meets the National Trust’s ongoing commitment towards a greater valuing and understanding of Aboriginal cultural heritage. It ensures this heritage is properly recognised and incorporated into all National Trust projects and programs and is an integral part of the National Trust’s commitment to reconciliation.

National Trust place portfolio

The National Trust manages 63 heritage places across the state – predominantly in the metropolitan and south west areas. These assets are a combination of freehold and crown reserve with management orders in favour of the National Trust. In some cases there is a joint management order.

The majority of places in the Trust’s asset portfolio are included on the State Register of Heritage Places and have a conservation management plan in place. This provides some level of background history however a number are outdated with little information provided regarding pre-settlement and Aboriginal significance. Some of these places are also included (or partially included) on the Western Australian Aboriginal Sites Register.

This project aims to focus on the National Trust’s heritage places open to the public and to ensure their Aboriginal history and significance is appropriately recognized and celebrated.

Places in the South West Indigenous Land Use Areas are included as an appendix to this brief.