The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) holds a remarkable collection of over 35,000 objects. Our collection features furniture and household objects of significance, alongside fashion and textiles which tell the stories of our special places.




Collection highlights

Ouija Board Used by Henry Handel Richardson

Henry Handel Richardson (H.H.R.) was the pen name of Ethel Florence Richardson (1870-1946), author of The Getting of Wisdom (1910), The Fortunes of Richard

Measuring Scales for Medicinal Ingredients at Dow’s Pharmacy

Before mass production, medicines were made by pharmacies – who compounded the pharmaceuticals they supplied to their customers.  Compounding means to

Typewriter used by Joan Lindsay

Picnic at Hanging Rock continues to mystify the public. The haunting image of the disappearing schoolgirls in the bush intrigues us. Joan Lindsay would sit on

Hand Embroidered Hearth Rug made by Elizabeth Austin

This large embroidery, in Berlin wool work on a loose-weave canvas panel, features a central cartouche of English flowers including lily-of-the-valley, roses,

Porcelain Chandelier made by Minton

This turquoise, white, and gilt elaborate porcelain chandelier is surmounted with eight branches and exuberantly ornamented with floral decoration, which is

Wallpaper Fragment – Kinkarakawagami

After Sir Frederick Sargood established a successful political career and remarried, he decided to renovate his home Rippon Lea. Completed in 1890 ca., the

Ned Kelly’s death mask

Convicted at Melbourne on 29 October 1880 for murder, Ned Kelly was a well-known bushranger who captured the public’s imagination. His death mask was

Federal Standard Printing Press

The Federal Standard Printing Works is one of the few substantially intact provincial newspaper printers remaining from the gold mining era. When gold was

Costume Collection

A surprising and unexpected costume collection comprising locally made and worn fashion.


Let us know if you would like to donate an item to the National Trust.

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This only applies to exceptionally valuable and culturally significant items.