The History of Churches in Parramatta

This talk covers the establishment of the churches of Parramatta. As the second mainland settlement in colonial New South Wales, Parramatta quickly established itself as a major settlement and it was not long before the various faiths and denominations required places to worship.

Church services in Parramatta in the early days of the colony were held under the shade of spreading trees or in sheds. Eventually churches were built by the various denominations for their services. Today many of these structures remain as features of our growing city. Hear about the characters and difficulties experienced by those who had the spiritual well-being of the colony as their foremost priority. Did Samuel Marsden deserve a reputation as “the flogging parson”? What delayed the establishment of the Catholic Church in Parramatta? What churches have we lost over time? How old is the present structure of St John’s Cathedral? How many churches have stood on the Catholic Cathedral site? And much, much more.

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Gregory Place, Parramatta, New South Wales

Hamledon Cottage id on the corner of Gregory Place and Hassall Street Parramatta


12.30pm to 2.00pm

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Adults $5
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Less than 50
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Bring your lunch and enjoy during the talk.