Talk: Two railway engineers of renown: Fewtrell and FraserEngineering Heritage Committee, Engineers Australia

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Talk: Two railway engineers of renown: Fewtrell and Fraser

The biographies of two of Australia's eminent railway engineers, Albert Cecil Fewtrell and Keith Aird Fraser, deserve to be better known. Our two speakers will contribute material from their own railway history expertise and from the archives on the achievements of the subjects in peace and war.

The speakers: Bill Phippen OAM and Frank Johnson are knowledgeably proficient in the field of railway history. The former is known for his long stewardship of the archives of the Australian Railway Historical Society and for the recent publication of books on the Hawkesbury railway bridges and on the City Railway, Sydney. Frank continues to serve as an engineer of NSW railways, is a respected speaker on railway history and is chair of Engineering Heritage Sydney.
The subjects of the talk, Fewtrell and Fraser, have careers that sound like name-dropping with important people and events: Bradfield, City Railway, Hawkesbury Bridge, apart from the tenure of the highest engineering positions. But equally meritorious is that two world wars in their career lifetimes saw them carry out distinguished service for the nation overseas as well as on the home front, leading to military decorations.

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8 Thomas Street, Chatswood, New South Wales

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6.00pm to 7.30pm

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