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Parragirls Memory Project 2013-2019 Retrospective

Parragirls are the last generation of Australians who experienced institutional ‘care’ as children within the confines of Parramatta Female Factory Institutions Precinct. Since 2013 Parragirls Memory Project has engaged in capturing the history, heritage and legacy of the institutional experience.

• Explore the institutional experience through the Parragirls Memory Project 2013-2019 retrospective exhibition.

• Make a Loud Fence: tie a ribbon to remember Australians who were sexually abused as children.

• View historical film footage on Parramatta Girls Home and other child welfare institutions of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.

• Discover your connection: search our Female Factory, Roman Catholic Orphan School, Girls Industrial School/home records.

• Leave your mark: make a clay tile for the memory garden or print your own ‘Ticket of Leave’.

• Listen as the tale of two convict women unfolds in a site-based performance work. (This is a paid performance event).

• Reflect on the deep history of the Darug people’s connection to this place, in a sunset performance around the campfire.

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1 Fleet Street, North Parramatta, NSW

11am to 7pm Saturday 18 May

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limited parking - limited access to some buildings