Meet The Emancipists and the Exclusives (Parramatta)

Spend an evening discussing the politics of the early settlers in the colony of NSW. Meet six of the key personalities of the early colonial era and hear their versions of political life in New South Wales in the 1820's. Ask them questions and debate their different views around a wholesome supper.

Your evening will be spent listening and questioning the personalities associated with Hambledon Cottage Parramatta in the 1820’s. They will present their different views as expressed by those known as the Exclusives and the Emancipists. Meet Mrs Macarthur, Samuel Marsden, Francis Greenway, Mrs Macquarie, Mary the Maid, James Macarthur and afterwards mingle with other guests around a wholesome supper to discuss the merits of the views expressed. Are there any similarities in the politics of today? Have things really changed that much.? Come along for a great evening of thought-provoking discussion and meeting up with characters that shaped our nation. A great night of fun and surprise awaits.

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Gregory Place, Parramatta, New South Wales

Hambledon Cottage is located on the corner of Gregory Place and Hassall Street Parramatta


7.30pm to 10.00pm

Entry fees:
Adults $30
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
Onsite facilities: