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Mapping Paddington

Discover the evolution of the distinctive suburb of Paddington. An illustrated author talk by Bill Morrison.

What gives Paddington its special qualities? Is it the terrace houses? The topography and landscape? The street patterns? Bill Morrison’s interest in the urban morphology of cities gave rise to detailed studies of Paddington, including the original mapping sequence in “Paddington: A History”. In this illustrated talk, Bill Morrison will trace the development of Paddington through topography, land grants and subdivisions, to show the development of street patterns and its evolution into the distinctive suburb it is today.

Bill Morrison is an architect and urban designer and director of Conybeare Morrison Architects and Context landscape Design. He has lived in Paddington for over 40 years and has served on The Paddington Society committees in excess of 25 years, recently being awarded life membership for his contribution to the conservation of Paddington and work on the public domain.

The book “Paddington: A History” will be available for purchase from the Paddington Society.

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31 Alfred Street, Sydney, New South Wales
Level 2 meeting room.
12.30pm to 1.15pm
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Prebooking required
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50 - 100
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