Cruise Heritage Festival

The Harbour that Worked – a three-hour heritage cruise of the western harbour conducted by Engineers Australia.
Many industrial and engineering sites around the harbour have been adapted for other purposes and their history, their contribution to the development of Sydney and their heritage value is not generally known. The cruise offers the opportunity to see the sites while travelling on a heritage vessel,

While the working harbour that was vital to the development of the city and the State has largely disappeared, many sites of engineering and industrial heritage can be seen that are testament to the history of the city’s development.
Sailing on the 1902 steam tug Waratah, we will see:
1. Cockatoo Island; once an Aboriginal settlement and then a convict jail that is now World Heritage listed.
2. 160 years of bridge technology progression (including Pyrmont Bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Gladesville Bridge, Anzac Bridge);
3. The site of the former Caltex oil terminal, and;
4. Other sites including: Sydney Heritage Fleet’s depot, White Bay power station, 1901 Woolwich Dock, 1854 Mort’s Dock and much more.

Event date

Event Details

No. 7 King Street Wharf, Darling Harbour, Sydney 2000

12.15 pm to 3.35 pm

Entry fees:
Adults $55.00, Children $50.00
Prebooking required 5644
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
Onsite facilities:
Other things
you need to know:
Food and drink may be taken onto the vessel but is not available on board.