Convict Precinct Tours

Discover Cockatoo Island's UNESCO World Heritage listed Convict Precinct with our brand-new, 45-minute tour of the upper plateau.

During the Convict Precinct Tour, our guide will lead you through the layered history of the island’s former penal establishment, stopping at iconic landmarks including the Mess Hall, Barracks, Guardhouse, Military Officers Quarters and Solitary Confinement Cells.

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Cockatoo Island, Sydney NSW

The tour commences at the Convict Precinct, which is a ten minute walk from the Visitor Centre.


Tours run at 11am, 12pm & 1pm.

Entry fees:
Adults $12, Children $5
Prebooking required
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
Onsite facilities:
Other things
you need to know:
Visitors will need to access Cockatoo Island by ferry or water taxi.