“Connected by blood, separated by shame – The story of Gladesville Mental Hospital”Sydney History Tours

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“Connected by blood, separated by shame – The story of Gladesville Mental Hospital”

The story of Gladesville Mental hospital IS the story of Mental health in Australia. This tour provides a chilling, frank and memorable insight into what was once a deliberately hidden world, where people bound by blood, were separated by the stigma attached to mental illness

From the start of the Colony of New South Wales, there was an endemic problem with mental health, and mental disability. At that time, lumping together all people, in the brutal vernacular of the day, as “Invalids, Imbeciles, and Insane” was the norm . This tour reveals an incredible story, how a place with the bleakest of beginnings, became the place where the treatment of mental health and disability was revolutionised. A place where a small group of brave, intelligent medical pioneers changed the entire system of mental health, from being a hopeless situation with enormous stigma attached, to a system that now helps people mitigate, manage and ultimately overcome conditions that were once considered permanent, and insurmountable. The story of Gladesville Mental hospital is one not only of sadness and tragedy. It is one of compassion, intelligence, and of great bravery, and we would like to invite you to join us, and share this incredible journey.

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40 Punt Road, Gladesville, New South Wales

Group will meet in the Car park opposite Banjo Patterson's Restaurant. 40 Punt Road, Gladesville, near the Gardener's cottage entrance. Signs for the meeting point will be on site.


1.30pm to 3.30pm

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Adults $30, Children $15.00, Concession $25, Members $20.00
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